I wrote Wedge Roberts vs. The Epic Malaise in 2013. It's a sort of sequel to The Big Fight behind the Old Gymnasium, and also because I was keen to explore the characters some more. I based the plot on Macbeth, and had fun shoe-horning Shakespeare into my own little world. I also wanted to give classic brush-inking a real effort. All the art you see in this story is 100% by hand; done on A3 paper using pencil, and then followed through with brush ink. The only Photoshopping are the grey-tones added once all the pages were scanned. I intend to colour it all some day, but so far still haven't found the time. Indeed, once I'd finally finished all 180 pages, I no longer had the energy to try and get it in print. I just wanted to move onto something new. Thus Epic Malaise has found a home here instead. However if any company wants to publish, I'm happy to take offers! :)


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